Three Documents Your Young Adult Should Have Before Leaving for College

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Now that your child has turned eighteen, they are legally considered to be adults. Chances are both the parents and the young adult alike are experiencing many life changes. College decisions, graduation and prom just to name a few. The protective parent child relationship that we are accustomed to since their birth is also changing, at least legally. At a time when our young adults may be moving away from home and seem to need us even more, we are no longer entitled to see their medical, academic or financial records. In cases of emergencies we may even be prevented from making medical decisions for them. As parents of young adults we need to be prepared for issues that may arise where they are away from home and may need our help.

Seven Things You Should Know About Wills

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1. What is a will?

A will is a legal document that provides written direction for the distribution of your
property at death.

2. What are the requirements for making a will?

The maker of the will must be 18 years or older, and of sound mind. The will must be
written and witnessed by at least two witnesses.